DDL GROUP boast a core specialist team of analysts that have been managing multi-channel profiling for many years. Demographic profiling has been a tool utilised by DDL Group for over 20 years, at a time when it was little understood. We believe that by identifying ‘look alikes’ to your best customers, you will target groups who are most likely to be interested in your products and complete a purchase.

Traditional Demographic profiling involved identifying customers using name, gender, address, purchase history etc, and this was a powerful insight into how to best encourage a sale. The development of the use of metadata has drastically changed the way we now construct demographic profiles, with the ability to merge information both offline and online, and this type of profiling is now one of the fastest growth areas in marketing.


How confident are you with your business insight and planning? Very often, with vast and varied data sources, companies lose track of key focus and performance metrics. This leads to overlooked opportunities, missing out on potential wallet share or worse, even squandering money. At DDL GROUP, put basically, we can help give you insight into the important factors influencing your business decisions.

DDL GROUP works with you to investigate past and current business performance to help you gain insight and drive business planning, with the focus on developing new insights and understanding, based on data and statistical methods including RFM Analysis, CHAID, Mapping, List Building, Qualitative Analysis and predictive modelling. By utilizing this data, we help you in driving decision making using business intelligence which is specific to you.


Directing market research is one thing, yet understanding the output it is a completely different matter. DDL GROUP analysis and research services will help you do both. Essential research in the business world can be a real asset to any company by gathering customer intelligence, and afterward transforming that intelligence into activities and marketing collateral. Through essential research, you can develop a bank of original data that sets you ahead of the opposition and provides the advantage. Authentic, new content is like gold dust in the modern universe of content overload. Essential research is the number one method for creating this type of content using surveys, interviews and analysis. 

DDL GROUP boost a core specialist team that have been managing multi-channel market research programs for over 20 years. We plan, implement and run complex campaigns utilizing email, telephone and integrated web services capable of integrating directly with your systems. Use our expert insight and knowledge of market research to spare yourself the time and pain involved in setting up and running complicated research projects. DDL GROUP can also assist in evaluating the results as well as provide the necessary advice on the next measures needed to take full benefit of your research results. 


How well do you genuinely know your clients? As data experts, we have an experienced team of analysts who utilize the latest devices and methodologies to unearth knowledge that will drive your marketing strategy and effectiveness. Profiling is the best way to discover the answers to those specific questions you have about your customers and is a an acknowledged technique for enhancing the value and currency held within your existing database. 

How would you get the sort of valuable info you are after? Over the years, we've managed multiple profiling projects. We've found that by utilizing a mix of questionnaire research and applying selective data sets, we can discover nearly anything relating to your customer and your prospects, from behaviour and response triggers to business strategies and key decision-makers.



DDL Group offer a solution for every organization irrespective of size, and thanks to our leading edge technology, enviable experience and dedicated highly trained staff, you can expect campaign success time after time. We are committed to each of our clients, their businesses and their marketing ideas.


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