Connect with your clients whenever they choose, however they choose. 

Put our Live Web Chat group to work for you: answering questions, providing support, even transacting deals using your online storefront. Inviting and professional people, trained on your business. It's just one more way DDL GROUP helps you and your customers connect. 

Engagement - our webchat specialists engage with your visitors in a live webchat session, started by the visitor, or automatically as they communicate with your business site.
Intercommunication - our group of professionally trained WebChat agents invites visitors to chat, offer top to bottom customer service, answer frequently asked questions and convert your web activity into leads or deals for you - enhancing your website as an interactive extension of your business. 

Instant availability - never keep a customer or prospect waiting again. Trust our groups of live chat agents to answer each inquiry - instantly. Information - these web chat services also send pertinent chat info to your inbox for instant follow up. You can also see the whole chat history and detailed point by point reports created to your requirements.


DDL GROUP provides dedicated and bespoke inbound response taking care of services inside a variety of sectors over the UK. On call day in and day out, 365 days a year means your lines never need to close; we will be here! 

Our staff are the key to your success; their experience and dedication over the inbound sector are unequalled. Their persistent and consistent motivation and drive to meet and exceed expectations, they will become an indispensable component of your organization. 

Our accomplished Client Management group can help you through setup and delivery of your campaign whether you are new or experienced to phone campaigns. The group will work with you to create scripts, test NGN's, train the Call Center group, support targets, audit reporting prerequisites, and customer satisfaction.


DDL GROUP's outbound team are dedicated to giving excellence as standard. You will have a tailored service for your campaign; bespoke databases, innovative scripting techniques, expert data purchase and management and also customized reporting to suit your operation. 

With extended opening hours, DDL GROUP's outbound unit will run your campaigns all over the UK regardless of the season. Recognized in the UK as one of the leading Contact Centres for creating exceptional results, DDL GROUP will work with you to make your project a success. 

Your team will be chosen for their ability to communicate in a professional, engaging and friendly manner over all calls made with the spotlight focused on results. DDL GROUP's costing models are inevitably based on results and tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Powerful Email Marketing, Made Simple. Powerful messages that deliver opt-in clients to your doorstep. 

In the UK, the conventional rate for businesses using email campaigns as part of their marketing strategy is at an industry high of 21.3 percent. Still don't have an email campaign? You're missing out on potentially interested customers in your target market. 

Email marketing is a way to approach your audience direct - particularly individuals who choose to receive updates from you. DDL GROUP can help setup a strategy for users to join your newsletter on your company site. This could entail completing a form, asking for a quote, downloading a pamphlet or even directly purchasing an item. Each time an email location is gathered, we can store in our database marketing framework and group it into the most relevant segmented category. 

SMS Marketing - Our propelled SMS marketing software can be used for promotional messages and response requests, but is increasingly developed as a customer service tool for appointment reminders, stock information, dispatch/delivery notices, and substantially more.



DDL Group offer a solution for every organization irrespective of size, and thanks to our leading edge technology, enviable experience and dedicated highly trained staff, you can expect campaign success time after time. We are committed to each of our clients, their businesses and their marketing ideas.


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