Planting the customer at the core of your business is a strategy that most companies embrace. However, regardless of their high hopes, many businesses still struggle to clarify their approach. DDL GROUP has unparalleled experience in the direct marketing industry, enabling us to guide our clients towards identifying the definitive factors for their direct marketing campaign success. 

We start by helping you recognize who your customers truly are so you can advance a long-term development plan for communication. By understanding what your customers want and like, and how they truly behave, you can match their needs and refrain from wasting money on providing what they don't want. 

Our offer is straightforward and compelling – we can enhance customer satisfaction and increase your revenue.


Great quality data is crucial to your prosperity as a business. All things considered, you need to ensure you are effectively achieving the maximum from your database. At DDL GROUP, we have a committed and experienced team of database experts who can advise you on how to capitalise on this valuable company asset.

The second decade of the 21st century is seeing an explosion in the data available that companies can gather, causing a headache in merging multiple data sources, as well as the imposition of significant legislative changes in your ability to actually use this. At DDL Group, we provide consultancy for both in house and external databases, to help you avoid the pitfalls of ‘data overload’ and ensure you meet your legal obligations.


E-commerce is being steered to new heights by a dramatic transformation in retailing driven by technological, economic and consumer behavioural changes. DDL Group utilises vast experience in understanding the wealth of customer data out there to help you grasp rising customer expectations, multiple new ways of shopping and increasing global competition, resulting in the transformation of the e-Commerce competitive landscape.

With our objective expertise in E-Commerce and fulfilment, we will have seen and resolved similar issues in a variety of companies, and so we can quickly get to the heart of the matter and advise you on a solution specific to your business. 

We help brands optimise their online and offline channels to drive customer engagement and ultimately, higher sales.


Web services are a constantly changing landscape. The speed at which technology moves means that it is virtually impossible for many companies to keep up with developments, and the cost of endlessly updating website functionality often exceeds the benefits. 

At DDL GROUP we can advise you on what you must have, and what you can do without. We can advise on changes and updates to in-house web structures, and if they are insufficient for your needs, our sophisticated systems can link with our clients own websites to provide a seamless service for their customers. Our extensive experience in utilising the web to deliver marketing messages, promotional and informational material, as well as the more advanced skills in providing interactive access to business information, means that we can help make the update of your web services more manageable.



DDL Group offer a solution for every organization irrespective of size, and thanks to our leading edge technology, enviable experience and dedicated highly trained staff, you can expect campaign success time after time. We are committed to each of our clients, their businesses and their marketing ideas.


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