People are quite simply… complicated creatures. We react to certain things in specific ways and are customised to respond when something triggers us. 

In targeted marketing, the key is in getting to those who are destined to respond, and not wasting effort on those who won’t. When targeting new clients, you need to take a peek at those who have similarities to the profile of your existing customer base, taking into account the propensities, profiles and patterns of your best customers and construct a new prospect profile based on this information.

Personalised mailings can be a fabulous method for enhancing response rates, and this success can be achieved electronically using email mailings and PURL’s … personalised web pages. Individuals know when they are being spoken to on a ‘one to one’ basis, as a result they feel more engaged than they would via a generic message.


At DDL group, we provide sector specific pick and pack services covering E-commerce; Brochure and catalogue request fulfilment; University prospectus fulfilment; Charity sector solutions; Membership and subscription management and international pick and pack for distance sellers, and as an ISO9001:2008 quality accredited company, you know your project will be in safe hands.

We work with a wide range of businesses, large and small, providing services for a variety of products and literature, where some clients receive thousands of requests a month and others receive only a handful a day.


Looking for a fulfilment centre that and makes it easy to get set up and go? DDL Group provides low cost services, online reporting, and the benefits of bulk postage and courier discounts.
Our 25,000 sq ft warehouse dispatches millions of packs a year. For many clients we undertake fulfilment services on a daily basis, whereas others work with us for a fixed campaign which can last from a few days to a few months.

Utilising our state of the art machinery and a talented workforce to complete work only a human can do, we can gear up for your peaks in demand, as well as handling bulk dispatch fulfilment to your business clients.

We fulfil orders across the UK and worldwide and our packet and parcel rates are some of the lowest you will find.


As a feature of our  CMS one-stop-shop, we can meet a range of storage and dispatch needs. We go further than simply offering secure warehousing for your stock; all items whether they be a simple piece of print or a range of high value product, is prepared for fulfilment using our stringent stock administration framework, ensuring you know the value of items you have in storage, at all times.

Our in-house software developers can work with you to integrate your website and other data sources with our system to automate the pick and pack process, this could include live stock figures, order tracking numbers, etc to ensure the most up to date information is on your website. Our systems can be linked to multiple courier systems to ensure we help you achieve the lowest distribution prices.



DDL Group offer a solution for every organization irrespective of size, and thanks to our leading edge technology, enviable experience and dedicated highly trained staff, you can expect campaign success time after time. We are committed to each of our clients, their businesses and their marketing ideas.


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